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Company History

IBEW #317 Federal Credit Union was chartered on October 25, 1960. In the early years, the Treasurer of the Credit Union would visit different job sites carrying a suitcase that was used as a file drawer. From the suitcase, he recruited new members and conducted banking transactions. We have since grown “out of the case” with assets totaling $29,186,727.69 as of June 30, 2023.

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who we are

IBEW #317 Federal Credit Union is a voluntary, nonprofit, cooperative association of individuals sharing a common employment bond as defined by our field of membership. Each member is an owner of the Credit Union and is entitled to a single vote regarding the business of the Credit Union.


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Required Identification

We require two forms of identification. One of which must be a current, state-issued, picture ID. The other can be anything with your name on it, such as, insurance, dues receipt, birth certificate, debit/credit card, etc.

Application Process

An account card can be completed in-person or via email. Electronic signatures are accepted and no printer is required. The application process generally takes less than 10 minutes. All accounts will be opened as Regular Shares. Sub-accounts, such as Share Drafts, can be added. An initial deposit of $5.25 must be made at time of opening.


Account statements are produced and remitted periodically. You may choose to receive a paper statement by mail or an electronic statement within our online banking app.

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Becoming a Member

IBEW 317 FCU is committed to providing a quick and easy application process. You must be a sworn-in member of the IBEW Local Union 317 or an immediate family member to join.

Shopping list

loan TYPES

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-new/used vehicle





-credit card

-30-year adjustable rate mortgage

-vacant land

-15-year fixed rate 1st mortgage

-10-year fixed rate 2nd mortgage

Call for current loan rates

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Shopping list


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-regular shares (savings)

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  • 0.35% paid monthly

-share drafts (checking)

-ira shares (retirement savings)

  • 3.00% paid monthly

-share certificates (cd) - dividends paid monthly

  • 6-month = 4.75%
  • 12-month = 5.00%
  • 24-month = 4.50%
  • 36-month = 4.00%
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Debit cards

Online banking


Payroll deduction

Interest extensions


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Wire transfers

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IBEW 317 FCU currently offers two scholarships per year to students working toward an undergraduate degree. The student must be an active member of the credit union and must have a ‘B’ average to be eligible. The scholarship is $250 per semester and can be used at any college. The student must provide a transcript each semester to show that they are maintaining a ‘B’ average. The drawing for the scholarships is done at the Annual Meeting, which is usually held in Spring/Summer. Applications for the scholarship are available online or in-person.

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Meet the team

We currently have four full-time office employees, nine Board members, and three supervisory committee members.

Codi is the current CEO and has been with the credit union since April 2015. She specializes in Real Estate loans, IRA’s, and general accounting.

Codi Day

Brittany is the Assistant Manager. She has been with the credit union since March 2016. She specializes in plastic card fraud and consumer collections.

Brittany Lawhon

Destiny has worked at the credit union since March 2023. She specializes in new accounts and consumer lending.

Destiny Dolen

Ali is the newest member of our team. She comes to us with over six years of banking experience. She is interested in IRA’s and real estate lending.

Ali Meade

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I thought this wasn’t a bank. Why are there still rules?

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While we are proud of our differences, we also share a lot of similarities with banks. We are regulated by a governing body called NCUA. They insure your accounts, much like FDIC, so we are required to follow guidelines that they set.

Do I still have to pay my loan payment even if I’m laid off?

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Yes. We understand that the majority of our members won’t always be working, but this is something that you should prepare for. We do offer some different options such as interest extensions and skip-a-payment. Ultimately you are still responsible for making sure you have enough funds set aside in the unlikely event that you are without work for an extended period of time.

Is the credit union part of the local union?

No. While we are here to serve members of the local union, we are our own entity. We do not pay dues or receive union benefits. Simply put, we have similar names and share the same members. Decisions are made for the credit union by our Board of Directors.

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